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Ben LerchinYes, in my Backyard


Project Description

Yes, in my Backyard is pleased to present this informational series about the many exciting opportunities for resource exploration accessible from our campus in the Antelope Valley. On this page you can peruse our growing catalog of Los Angeles' Uncomfortable Protuberances, and see prototypes of the interpretive exhibits we are constructing to give you the best possible resource experience. We hope you can visit us soon!


2 minute video

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Los Angeles' Uncomfortable Protuberances

Interactive map of wind, solar, and water infrastructure in the Antelope and Owens Valleys

Air Intro

4 minute video

Water Work

Cinder blocks, monofilament, acrylic, polycarbonate, pillow blocks, DC motor, Epson Ultrachrome HD on Crystal Clear Film

Water Intro

7 minute video

Artist Bio

Ben Lerchin is an artist and technologist who works with software, photography, and digital fabrication. Their practice deals extensively with the relationship between the photographic image and the American West. Reflecting on the uneasy experience of living between the city and the wilderness, Ben's work attempts to reconcile a networked, industrialized lifestyle with the unstable ground under our feet. It is an attempt to erase boundaries with the natural world, and to see it not as victim nor antagonist, but as co-conspirator and friend.