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Dalena TranActs in Translation

Web Installation, Infinite Duration
A scantily drawn diagram of arrows that form two circles with the smaller circle nested inside the larger. A linear flow of arrows moves from one side of the circumference downwards towards a focal point and then travels upwards towards the opposite side of the circumference to create a conical structure.

Two windows having a moment together.

A story emerges every hour on the hour in universal coordinated time (UTC), marking the passing of time without keeping it.

Ambient recordings from different cities at separate times are procedurally sequenced in relationship to each other.

S͓̽O͓̽U͓̽N͓̽D͓̽ ͓̽O͓̽N͓̽

Your moment & my moment
are never quite the same.

A close-up of the lower portion of a 3D rendered blue curtain with pink and orange flowers surrounded by faded green leaves.

Project Description

In the beginning, there was the window. Now there are plenty of other things than windows. There is heat, ice, sweat, and Mickey Mouse. Not to forget blood: The dark and runny that pumps through veins carrying a tempo that makes possible the highest highs and lowest lows.

Audio Contributions

  • Adam Kaye
  • Ali Eslami
  • André Alves
  • Arina Mahmoudian
  • Austen Erblat
  • Avisha Sab
  • Bartek Biernacki
  • Berit Gilma
  • Clarissa Ribeiro
  • Clement Fortin
  • Dasul Kim
  • Doan Minh Dang
  • Donna Ghassemi
  • Elton Kuns
  • Faraz Dirin
  • Hu Rui
  • Ilya Bespalov
  • Jasmin Xanthos
  • Jennifer Steinkamp
  • Jimmy Zhi
  • Jodi Cheung
  • John Goolvart
  • Karina Lopez
  • Kevin Dichosa
  • Lauren Goshinski
  • Lauren Lee McCarthy
  • Lloyd Galbraith
  • Manuel Oliveira
  • Mara Lemesany
  • Matteo Zamagni
  • Matthew Dervenkov
  • Matthew Dotson
  • Megan Anderson
  • Michael Baker
  • Miles Peyton
  • Mina Tahmouresie
  • Mitchell Sang Wang
  • Mohamed Allam
  • Morehshin Allahyari
  • Nathan Seymour
  • Omar Castanon
  • Pancho Blood
  • Pieter Jossa
  • Robert Thomas Heppell
  • Samah Safiullah
  • Sasha Gransjean
  • Sebastian Kurtz
  • Shriya Ravishankar

A special thanks to جیگر من Hirad Sab for his love & technical contributions to the project & Chandler McWilliams, Danny Snelson, Lauren McCarthy, Casey Reas, Erkki Huhtamo, Cayetano Ferrer, Jennifer Steinkamp & Noa Kaplan for their support and mentorship

Artist Bio

Dalena Tran is a media artist & writer living in Los Angeles, CA. Her stories and situations respond to notions of voyeurism, hegemony, memory, and the phenomenon of media. She engages across mediums and disciplines as they relate to the rhythms of everyday life, often concerned with moments hidden in plain sight.

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until the story begins
feel free to stay a while